What is the Price of Lemon Duo 409 Mobile in India?


The latest price of Lemon Duo 409 mobile phone is Rs. 1, 899 (one thousand eight hundred ninety nine only).

The Lemon Duo 409 mobile phone is a dual-band handset that runs on GSM 900/1800 MHz operating networks. It is built with a 2.4 inch display screen with 1280 x 2024 pixels screen resolution. This mobile phone comes with a built-in 1.3 megapixel camera for capturing quality images and videos.

Features included in the Lemon Duo 409 mobile phone are audio player that supports MP3 file format, a multi format video player that supports MP4 files and 3GP files, wireless FM radio, LED torch light, auto call recording, and mobile tracker.


The Lemon Duo 409 is designed to accommodate an external memory expandable up to 8GB. This mobile phone is WAP and GPRS enabled allowing using to access data connections. Bluetooth connectivity provides a convenient mode of receiving and transferring data files such as images and videos. While a USB port allows users an additional option to access other media sources.

Preloaded with MP3 ringtones, polyphonic ringtones, and vibration modes, the Lemon Duo 409 mobile phone is packaged complete with a 1400 mAh battery pack.

You can buy this mobile phone from online stores like Flipkart, Naaptol, eBay etc. at a cost of Rs. 1,899.

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