The latest price of LG LSA5MR2T Air Conditioners (AC) in India is Rs. 31,490/-(thirty one thousand and four hundred ninety only.)

LG LSA5MR2T gives an amazing experience of air conditioning. It comes with the best features of modern technology like jet cool, anti-bacteria filter, sleep mode, triple filter, e-saver.

The auto restart technology restarts with previous setting if the ac needs to be off for sudden power failure. When it is connected with power it resumes the operation to previous setting.

Chaos mode gives the touch of natural breeze with it`s multi angle wind. There is a off timer in the ac. You just need to set the time , the ac turns off itself. You can enjoy the more comfort in sleeping and relaxation without any disturbance.


Anti bacteria filter kills the bacteria passes through it, catch the dusts and particles in the air and prevent the growth of harmful germs.

The two way auto air swing ensures that every corner of the room gets cool. Jet cool makes the room cool and comfortable with it`s instant action.

The LG LSA5MR2T makes the air conditioning perfect. This all in one ac comes in budget.

You can buy this air conditioner from online stores like Flipkart, eBay, Letsbuy etc. at a cost of Rs. 31, 490.