What is the Price of LG LSA5AR3T Air Conditioners (AC) in India?


The latest price of LG LSA5AR3T Air Conditioners (AC) in India is Rs. 34, 990/-

LG LSA5AR3T Split AC has qualities that give your great air conditioning experience. With Jet Cool, Triple filter, Anti bacteria filter, Auto Clean, Quiet mode and sleep mode a healthy, better and fresh atmosphere is created in your home.

Digital display enables you to see the exact temperature and mode in which AC is running. Its jet cool, cools your room instantaneously.


With LG LSA5AR3T 1.5Split Air Conditioner you can punch the summer high temperatures right away and without blazing your pocket.

LG 1.5 Ton Split AC maintains temperature of the room and gives you your required temperature instantly with the help of Jet Cool Mechanism. With its auto air swing feature cool air reaches every corner of the room. Every time it restarts at the same settings you have adjusted. The off timer turns off your AC at the time you set so that you enjoy your sound sleep in the night without any disturbance..

Its filters have anti bacterial coating so that all germs and other micro organisms and their development is removed from your surroundings. Its triple filter gives you clean, odor and smoke free fresh air to assure durable performance and healthy atmosphere.

You can buy this AC from online stores like Naaptol, Flipkart, Letsbuy etc at a cost of Rs. 34, 000.

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