What kind of movements are generic movements?


(i) These are long-term movements and involve more than one issue.

(ii) The environmental movement and the women’s movement are examples of such movements.

(iii) There is no single organisation that controls or guides such movements.


(iv) Environmental movement is a label for a large number of organisations and issue- specific movements.

(v) All of these have separate organisations, independent leadership and often different views on policy related matters.

(vi) Yet all of these share a broad objective and have a similar approach. That is why they are called generic movements.

‘Pressure groups and movements have deepened democracy.’ How far is it true?


(i) Pressure groups and movements can easily put pressure on the government to pa) attention to them.

(ii) Government can often come under high pressure from a small group of rich and powerful people.

(iii) Public interest groups and movements perform a useful role in reminding thf government of the needs and concerns of ordinary citizens.

(iv) Sectional interest group also brings pressure on the government to make policies ii their favour and some other anti-group can pressurise the government not to mak( policies in favour of the first group.

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