What are the seven important Classifications of Associations?


There are many associations of different kinds. There are classified from different angles. Some of them are natural/compulsory while others are voluntary. On the basis of stability, they are either permanent or temporary. But their classification on the basis of their functions and objectives is most satisfactory. The seven types of associations, resulting from such classification, are discussed below.

1. Kinship Association:

Family, clan, tribe are the examples of such associations. These are based on blood relationship. The members of these associations claim to belong to a common ancestor. Family is the most primary, natural and universal of all social organizations. It performs biological, emotional, economic functions. It is a school of adjustment, education and citizenship.


2. Religious Association:

People professing identical religious views or practicing a particular religion form an association to further the interest of their religion. The Roman Catholic Church, the Ramkrishna Mission, the Arya Samaj are examples of such associations.

3. Cultural Association:

These associations are formed to promote intellectual and cultural activities of men. They aim at advancing knowledge and culture. They enrich social life. Schools, Colleges, Universities, literary societies, dramatic clubs, learned societies and study circles are examples of cultural associations.


4. Recreational Association:

These associations are formed to provide relaxation and recreation to people after their daily work. By providing avenues for entertainment, they help the members for fresh thinking and activity. Music Society, Dramatic Club, and Sports Club belong to this category.

5. Philanthropic Association:

Men do not always look to their own interests. Sometimes they look to the interests of others and come forward to help the distressed and ‘needy in society.


This urge for social service manifests itself with the formation of such philanthropic associations as the Red Cross Society, the Bharat Sevak Samaj, Bharat Sevasram, and Lion Club. They are guided by the maxim that ‘Service to Humanity is Service to God’.

6. Vocational Association:

People of the same profession or service form their associations to safeguard and promote their interests. Thus, we find trade union workers is also chamber of commerce and business men, teachers association, lawyers association etc assoc

People of a particular vocation combine because by that they can put forth their demand their more vigorously and remedy their grievances more effectively.


7. Political Association:

Political parties are the best examples of such association. They organize and stimulate public opinion and strive to influence and control the government through legitimate means. Political parties, worth the name, must promote national interest.

The state is the most important and powerful of all social institutions. it is also a political association. It is called ‘an association of associations’ since it coordinate 3 and regulates the activities of ail other associations inside the state.

Thus various associations exist to achieve and promote one or more specific purposes. The complex nature of man and his diverse interests in life are realized through various associations. Every individual becomes a member of one or more of this association according to his interests and aptitudes in life.

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