The Non-Formal Education programme is meant for children who are unable to attend school. It was launched in the year 1979.

The aim of our government was to provide free and compulsory education for all children between the ages of six to fourteen years.

Millions of children in our country, especially in this age group have not had the opportunity to receive any education. Many of them are child labourers who have to work to support their families. Others live in remote areas where there are no schools.

Currently 2.97 lakh centers of non-formal education are there which provide education to such children according to the needs of their daily life. They acquire useful skills like learning how to interact at post offices, banks, and block development offices.


Also, important facts about basic hygiene and information regarding various government schemes which can help them in different ways are provided to them. This is often done through games and cultural programmes. The National Bal Bhavan is one such institution functioning independently under the Department of Education.

Since the education of girls is even lower throughout the country, their education is being encouraged more. Centers for girls receive ninety per cent assistance.