When conduct rules are violated, disciplinary action is to be taken. It usually means some kin punishment meted out to government servant for the violation of these conduct rules. Punishment is of two types:

(i) Informal:

This type of punishment action is not in writing. It is more in the nature of reprimand and counseling. This type of punishment is resorted to where the violation of conduct rules is of a minor nature and when it is difficult to prove the guilt of the employee.

(ii) Formal Punishment:


This is a more serious sort of punishment. This has got to be in and the guilt of the employee has to be established. Some documentary or oral evidence has to record towards any kind of formal punishment.

Formal punishment is also of two kinds:

(a) Minor Punishment:

  • Censure
  • Withholding of increments
  • Withholding of promotions
  • Recovery of loss of Government properties

(b) Major Punishment:

  1. Reduction in rank
  2. Removal
  3. Dismissal
  4. Compulsory retirement