(i) Private Trade or Employment:

No government employee can engage in private trade or take up private employment without the previous sanction of the government except in respect of the literary, scientific, artistic, social or charitable work. Even this should be of occasional nature and should not interfere with the government work.

(ii) Investment, Leading and Borrowing:

No government employee should make investments a highly speculative nature. He should not lend or borrow from any one without the previous sanction: government, except for small interest-free loans from close relatives and personal friends. Lending borrowing with any person having official dealing with the government employee is completely prohibited.


(iii) Insolvency or Habitual Indebtedness:

Every government employee is expected to con his financial affairs in such a manner to avoid habitual indebtedness or insolvency.

(iv) Acquisition or Disposal of Property:

No government employee can purchase or sell movable or immovable property above a particular value without the sanction of the government some cases the government has only to be informed.


(v) Subscriptions:

No government employee should ask for subscriptions for any organization

(vi) Gifts:

No government servant is expected to accept any gift which is not of trifling value with the previous sanction of the government. The only exception is about receiving the gifts of reason value on some customary occasions from close relations or friends.


(vii) Restrictions on Freedom of Expression:

No government servant can give any interviews radio, television, press, etc. nor shall he issue any public statement except in respect of literary, scientific and artistic matters. He should not say anything which is likely to embarrass the government.

(viii) Political Activities:

The only political activity in which a government servant can take pa to exercise his right of vote, that too in a confidential manner. He can neither seek elections to legislature or a local body nor can he take part in any election activities like canvassing, distributing pamphlets etc.


(ix) Integrity:

Every government servant has to maintain absolute integrity and devotion to du all times.

(x) Ethics:

No government servant is supposed to indulge in any act which is unbecoming government servant. This is an omnibus rule to take care of the official, private and domestic conduct government servants.