What are the Characteristics of the Indian Military?


Alan Ball has beautifully described the characteristics of the military. In the words of Ball “The armed forces have characteristic features which distinguish them from other groups in all political systems and these characteristics would lead one to expect that the military would intervene more frequently than it does”.

In short, the features of the military in India may discuss as follows: –

1. The structure of the military is consisted of three services the Army, the Navy and the Air Force. These three services are headed by the chief of the Army staff (General), the chief of the Naval staff (Admiral) and the chief of the Air staff (Air chief Marshal). This structure is hierarchical and centralized. The Command is centralized but arm of the military is divided into many divisions toe on specific functions.


2. The armed forces are extremely disciplined and are obedient to the higher commands. This obedience of the military personnel is to the rank rather than to the individual.

3. As the military is responsible for the national defence, so it keeps a network of easy and instant communication.

4. The military personnel are stationed in the barracks and always maintain a separate and distinct identity from the civilian society.

5. The military possesses a distinct uniform and badges according to the needs of the hierarchies and the forces are well conversant with the history and tradition of their particular branches.


6. Adequate training and education are imparted to the recruits.

7. Finally, the armed forces have the monopoly of the weaponry and violence. This is essential because in times of war and threats of armed invasion, the military meets the situation. In times of natural calamities like floods, earthquake and other natural disasters also, the military may be called into action by the civil authorities.

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