4 essential functions of Bureaucracy in India


The primary function of bureaucracy is the execution and enforcement of the laws made by the legislature and policies decided by the political executive. Besides this the other important functions are :

  • carrying out administration
  • offering policy advice
  • articulating interests
  • Maintaining political stability

1. Administration :

The core function is to implement or execute law and policy, which is related to administering government business. This is why the bureaucracy is referred to as ‘the administration’ while the political executive is termed as the ‘government’.


2. Policy-Advice :

The political significance of the bureaucracy largely comes from its role as the policy-advisers to the government. Generally, policy is made by the politicians and bureaucrats simply offer advice. Since policy- decisions are made on the basis of information available and advice offered, bureaucrats effectively control the policies made by the government. Politicians, being amateurs depend on bureaucrats, who are professionals and the politicians know what the civil servants tsll them. Government decisions thus reflect the influences of bureaucrats.

3. Articulating interests :

Policies once made are also implemented by bureaucrats. While implementing policies, bureaucracy come into contact with interest groups such as doctors, teachers, farmers etc. These groups provide information and advice to the bureaucrats relating to their groups, which help the civil servants to plan a policy to satisfy the interest groups.


4. Political Stability :

Ministers and governments come and go, while civil servants are permanent, once appointed they continue till their retirement. Thus bureaucracy provides stability and continuity within political system and with change of government, there is no change of policy immediately.

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