What are the uses of metals as pure metals?


The important uses of metals as pure metals are:

  1. Copper and aluminium wire are used to carry electric current.
  2. Copper, aluminium and iron are used to make domestic utensils and factory equipment.
  3. Thin foils of aluminium are used for wrapping cigarettes, medicines, confectionery, etc.
  4. Aluminium is used for making angles, doors, pipes, etc. which are used in the construction of houses.
  5. Metals such as sodium, titanium, zirconium, etc. are used in generation of nuclear energy and in space science projects.
  6. Mercury is used in thermometers.
  7. Magnesium metal is used as a strong reducing agent to prepare other metals.
  8. Gold and silver metals are used to make jewellery.
  9. Thin foils of silver and gold are used to decorate sweets.
  10. Uranium metal is used to generate nuclear energy.
  11. Titanium metal is very hard, resistant to corrosion, light, has high melting point and is good conductor of heat and electricity. Because of its unique and useful properties titanium is sometimes called ‘the wonder metal’.
  12. Titanium and its alloys are extensively used in:
  1. Jet and gas turbine engines.
  2. Aircrafts frames.
  3. Marine equipment.
  4. Chemical plants, and
  5. Military hardware.
  6. Titanium due to its special application is sometimes referred as a strategic element.


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