What are the useful effects of evaporation?


Some of the most useful effects of evaporation are given below.

1. Water is in earthen pots because water seeps through the pores on to the outside from where it evaporates fast due to large surface area. The latent heat required for evaporation is taken from the water within the pot, which is therefore cooled.

2. To bring down temperature, a wet handkerchief is placed on the person’s forehead. Evaporation produces a cooling effect and the temperature drops.


3. Water is often sprinkled on the ground when the weather is hot. As the water evaporates it takes the latent heat from the atmosphere which gets cool.

4. The reading in the wet bulb thermometer is generally lower than in the dry bulb thermometer because evaporation takes place from the wet bulb. The more the dryness in the atmosphere the more will be the difference in the readings. The More the humidity, the less will be the difference.


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