There are literary activities and speech activities; all these go to develop self-expression of students. Debates have important educational value. Through these activities pupils get training in collection of subject-matter, organization of ideas, speaking effectively and appearing before an audience. The speaker has to control nervousness and stage fright, maintain self-confidence, muster up courage and speak with presence of mind. He gradually learns the art of elocution. His training in oratory, discussion contributes a lot in later year for his public speaking and teaching. Effective speaking is the best qualification of a pupil-leader and through debating and discussion he increases his linguistic ability, enriches his vocabulary and improves his pronunciation. Book works may manage to get a first division in the University examination, but meet of failure at a interview. The importance of debates and other oral activities has been beautifully expressed by MeCown. “As a developer of intellectual interests and capacities, fluency of expression, clear and discriminating thinking and increased ability to appreciate the important affairs of modern life, good sportsmanship, self-reliance, and self-confidence poise any similar desirable qualities; it has few equals in schools”.