What is the difference between Nuclear Fission and Nuclear Fusion?


The important points of difference between nuclear fission process and nuclear fission are listed below.

Nuclear Fission

1. It involves the splitting of a heavy nucleus into lighter nuclei.

2. It is a chain process.


3. High temperature is not essential.

4. Fission process can be carried out in a controlled manner and energy released can be used for peaceful purposes.

5. There is a production of large number of radioisotopes and large amount of nuclear waste is left.

Nuclear Fusion

1. It involves the union of two or more lighter nuclei to form a heavy nucleus.


2. It is not a chain process.

3. Being a thermonuclear process, it requires extremely high temperature (> 106 K).

4. Fusion process is extremely difficult to be carried out in a controlled manner.

5. No nuclear waste is left. Hence, it does not cause pollution.

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