Write a Personal Letter to your friend about the achievement of your brother



Pijush Bose

73/1, Swinhoe Street,


Calcutta 700 019

The 2nd March, 19


Shri Shyamal Hazra


43/B P. R. Chetty Lane, Madras 600 057

My dear Shyamal,

You will be glad to know that my elder brother Pritam has been selected by the Mohan Bagan Club of Calcutta for playing in their team in the coming League Tournament this year. You know very well that Mohan Bagan is a famous name in the history of Indian football, and it is truly a matter of great prestige and honour to be included in their team as a regular player. The necessary contract has been signed between the two parties on Sunday last. The news has been published in the local newspapers, with the photograph of Pritam. My parents are very happy and proud of their son’s proficiency in football.

Perhaps you still remember how Pritam used to win the Best player’s Medal, while in school and college sports, for his skilful game in the inter-school or inter-district tournaments held from the time to time in the past. And it is really praise-worthy that he has been able to maintain his form and skill all through this period.


Please write to me all about yourself. I have not heard from you for a long time. I am writing to you to convey Pritam’s news, because, I know, you love him. With love and best wishes,

Yours ever, Pijush

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