My dear Mother,

I am brimming over with joy and excitement while writing this letter to you. Yesterday was a great day for me and for you also. It must be called the happiest and most exciting day of my life. I saved the life of a poor drowning boy.

I had gone on a walking tour along the bank of the Jamuna early in the morning. I heard the agonising shrieks of an old woman. I rushed to her. She had come along with her little grandson to have a bath in the Jamuna. The little boy had slipped from her hands and was being carried away by the strong current of the river.

Without a moment’s hesitation, I jumped into the river. I caught hold of the boy and dragged him towards the bank. I had to struggle hard as the current was very strong. As I brought the boy out, the old lady heaved a sigh of relief. She wanted to reward me, but I just bowed to her.


Mother, I am happy to have done this noble deed.

With deep regards,

Yours affectionately