Write a letter to your mother seeking her consent to allow you to join a picnic party


Somnath Mondal

Ramakrishna Mission

Students’ Hostel, Rahra,


24 Parganas (W.B)

The 11th June, 19

My dear Mother,

I have received your M.O. in this month, and have paid all the school dues. Now I am preparing myself for the ensuing half- yearly examination, for which I am attending a special coaching class held in our school.


Our class/teacher asked us to participate in a picnic party that has been arranged just after our examination. Most of my class­mates will join it. The place of picnic is near Bandel Church on the bank of the Ganga. The cost per head will be about Rs. 45 only. I am very eager to go. I believe it will be a nice experience for me, as I have never known what a picnic means to one. So I await your kind consent, and also a M. O. for at least Rs. 50 to cover the cost of the same. I regret for my sudden demand of money, as this may perhaps cause hardship to you.

Please keep in your mind that if you cannot manage the sum, it matters very little. If God is good, I may go to some other picnic party some other time, if not this time. I say again that please do not bother, if you are now in any way financially handicapped. I know how you are managing the family expenses with great difficulty, after the sad demise of our father.

How are Benu, Ranu and yourself keeping?

With my best regard for you, and sincere love for my beloved brother and sister.


I remain,

Your loving son,


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