How to write a short paragraph on our society?


The positions and roles that an individual occupies in a society as well as his place in the social stratification system determines his social environment. It largely determines the people he is likely to interact with and at times even severely restricts social intercourse. To a very large extent, every individual is a product of the culture he lives in. the peculiar ways of his culture, norms, values and customs are called ‘socialization process’. Socialization aims at preparing the members of society in effectively adapting to their cultural and physical environment. Socialization begins very early in life, even before the child acquires the capacity to speak. However, as the child grows, his social environment begins to widen beyond his family. Also, with age, his social roles keep changing rapidly. But practically by 20-25 years of age, an individual has learnt most of the important things ended to survive in the given cultural and physical environment.

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