There is no doubt that life in Delhi is full of problems and hardships. Life in Delhi has many advantages also. But it cannot be called a good life. There is shortage of houses. Most of the people have to live in slums. There is also the problem of conveyance. The Delhi Transport Corporation (D.T.C.) runs a large fleet of buses. But these buses are often packed to capacity. Other private buses are also overcrowded. There are taxis and auto rickshaws but one cannot afford to travel by them every day. There is a lot of pollution in Delhi. Life here is very unhealthy. The houses are neither airy nor spacious. There is the problem of rising prices and scarcity of foodstuff. Life in Delhi is full of noise. There is a lot of hustle and bustle and hurry and worry. Life in Delhi may be good for a rich man but it is miserable for a poor man.