Many festivals’ are celebrated in India. Holi is one of them. Holi is an important festival of the Hindus. It is a festival of colours and fun. A night before Holi, a big fire is burnt. Holi has a religious background. King Hiranyakashyap tried to burn his son, Prahlad. Prahlad used to worship Lord Vishnu. The king did not like this. The king’s sister Holika had a blessing that she could not be burnt in fire. So the king asked his sister to burn Prahlad. She sat in the fire with Prahlad. But instead of Prahlad, Holika was burnt. Holi is celebrated with colours. People throw water and ‘Gulal’ on one another. Children enjoy this festival most. They dance and sing and play with colours. It is difficult to recognise children’s faces on this day.