A hospital is an institution in which sick and injured persons are given medical or surgical treatment. Last week I happened to visit the local hospital. There was a great rush of visitors in the compound who came to meet their patients. My uncle had been admitted there for an operation of his heart. There were many other patients. They were suffering from different diseases. A young woman was lying with serious burns. In the next ward a man had been stabbed in the back. Doctors and nurses were moving about. They were attending to the patients. They were full of love and sympathy. The hospital presented a horrible look. I felt very sad and returned home in a contemplative mood. It was a festival season. I had to go to Delhi for an interview. I reached the bus stop. There was a large crowd. It was an ordeal to get into the bus. There was a lot of elbowing and jostling first of all, I could hardly get into; I had to hang on the foot­board for some time. My perch was so precarious that I felt like falling. After a great difficulty and struggle I moved in. The bus was packed to suffocation. I was feeling all the time giddy. I felt a queered and crushed. The sight of other passengers was no better. The plight of ladies and children was too deep for tears. I thanked God that I was alive.