Short Paragraph on School Health


School health is an important branch of preventive and social medicine. During the last sixty years school health has developed in many countries. It comprises the medical examination of school children to a comprehensive, preventive and social service with supervision of the health and well being of school children throughout the school years. The beginning of school health service in India dated to 1909 when for the first time; the medical examination of school children was carried out in Baroda City. But the school health services have not made much head way since then. The Bhore Committee, 1946, reported that the school food health services were practically non-existent in India they existed they were in an under developed state. In 1953, the Secondary Education Commission reiterated the need for medical inspection of pupils and school feeding programme. During the Second Five year plan many State Governments provided for school health school feeding programmes Attempts are now made to develop a comprehensive school health In 1960, the Government of India constituted a school Health Committee under the Chairmanship of Smt. Renuka Ray, to assess the present standards of health d nutrition of school children and suggest ways and means to improve them. The Committee recommended certain measures for the improvement of school health service submitted its report in 1961.

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