Paragraph on Natural Resources


Man is the most highly evolved animal. Since its appearance on earth man and his associates has been dependent on nature. The development of new ideas enabled him to identify materials of nature and to put them in to different uses for his comfort and development. In this series water, air, sunlight, land, minerals, forest, coal, oil, metals etc. were available and were identified by man. As the development was in progress, he started to make use of these natural gifts. He converted most of the natural sources in to natural resources for his own interest. This was possible later, when development and research technology was developed to transform these natural sources or materials in to more valuable goods. Thus, natural resources can be defined as-Things/materials of the nature, that can be put to some use by human beings for their growth, development, comfort and other necessities are called as “Natural Sources”. For example, air, water, soil, forests, animals, minerals, metals, energy and other substances are some examples of natural resources that are utilised by human beings. At present, total global production is nearly enough to match the human demand for energy, materials etc., if we judiciously distribute the resources available to us. But for future, the situation appears pretty grim. The resources are not equally distributed throughout the world. We can realise the value of resource only when it is rather scarce. Over exploitation threatens most of our natural resources now. The primitive man was a part of environment. His basic requirement were limited i.e. food and shelter. Food was collected from the surroundings while caves, bushes, trees were enough to provide shelter. Those days’ natural materials, fields and living beings only were considered useful. But exploitation, destruction, development of natural resources began right from the time when man learned to use fire, metal copper for arms, tools, pans, domestic animals and grow plants for food. Now the boundaries of environment are from polar ice to equatorial mountain tops and from deep down ocean to ionosphere of sky. Everything present in this environment is regarded as natural resource.

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