Here is your paragraph on Life of a Fisherman!


A fisherman is basically a person who earns his livelihood by catching and selling fish. The fisherman usually lives in an area closer to a water body like a river, lake or canal. The life of a fisherman is very tiring and dangerous at the same time. His day begins at the break of dawn and ends when it’s dark.

Daily Life of a Fisherman:

A fisherman leaves his home at the break of dawn with his fishing nets, bait and stick. He heads for the banks of the river where his boat is tied or he sits on a rocky cliff by the side of the river. He checks his fishing net and bait for the last time and sets sail. When they are in the middle of the water body, he sets his net in the water and waits for a good catch.

Every now and then, he pulls the net into his boat and collects whatever fish is collected in the catch. At times, the nets are empty and on certain occasions, they are filled with prawns, fish and crabs. He has his lunch on the boat which is neatly packed by his wife. He admires the view of the shimmering sea and the blue sky when he eats. He then returns ashore around evening depending on the weather.

The Return Home:


The fisherman’s job keeps his family anxious all the time. The fisherman at times, goes into the deep seas for a better catch. There are chances that he is caught in bad weather which always worries his family. The fisherman reaches ashore around evening. His family waits for him at the shore to help him separate the fish and prawn from each other so that they can put the same in different containers.

After the containers are filled, the fisherman saves a couple of fish for supper and goes to the men who buy the same from him to sell it in markets in the city. On a good day, the fisherman returns a happy man. There are also such days when the fisherman returns with less or no catch. His family starves the same night and the fisherman feels sorrow and pain.


The fisherman’s job is very enduring and dangerous. He risks his life each day for the sake of his livelihood and the health of his family. The fisherman should be given more help by the Government so that the risk involved in his profession is minimized. The traumatic loss of many fishermen to the seas on account of bad weather is sufficient reason for the Government to give due protection and recognition to the fishermen.