Dramatics are the best revenue producers of the entire co-curricular programme. It affords the students opportunities for training in team work. Dramatics possess great possibilities of motivation. A full and inactive class may be transformed into an engaging a busy one, when certain lessons are dramatized under the direction of a skilful instructor. Dramatics help in making the parents interested in school work. Through dramatic historical as well as geographical knowledge of students in increased. Carpentry and other mechanical arts facilitate the work of the construction of stage. The planning arranging and setting up the stage should not be made a huge affair such that the students themselves can manage affairs. Entrusting the work of stage to the professionals should be avoided; the teachers should provided necessary instruction and direction. Plays depicting evils of social customs should preferably be chosen. It should be within the capacity of pupils to understand and appreciate. It also should be free from vulgarity and objectionable subject-matter.