We are now living in the age of computers. Almost all of us have heard about and seen computers. Many of us know what it is and what can it do for us. The Government has introduced computer literacy programmes in schools and colleges. The computer, within a few years of its arrival, has completely revolutionized and changed the life styles of the people all over the world. Now the Internet has revolutionized our communication systems and even our attitudes. Gone are the days of the fax and the mail services. E-mail has replaced the customary mail services. Majority of the middle class homes today have computers with Internet services. The Internet is comparatively cheaper and faster. It has reduced the world to a complex web of communication. When we are so much associated with the Internet, we should have some knowledge of its origin and evolution. This is what this prose piece presents. This prose piece gives a precise but reliable as well as competent account of the Internet. The writer has taken every care to make it easy for a layman to know what the Internet is, how it functions and what is its utility. The theories behind this technological wonder have been presented succinctly. The technical terms have been properly explained. The historical evolution of the Net has been very well described with the names of the innovators and experts who have made significant contribution to the growth of the system. The basic principles of the functioning of the Net along With an account of the development of the software for different Net services have been explained in a manner that makes comprehension easier.