After the Battle of Plassey the English proclaimed Mr. Jafar as the Nawab of Bengal and placed him only the throne of the Murshidabad. Mir Jafar was the chief conspirator against Siraj-ud-daulah. He was treaty bound with Clive in that conspiracy. He thought that with the fall of Siraj he would be the real independent Nawab. But he did not know that the independence of Bengal was lost at Plassey and that he should have to rule as a puppet of the English. When he realized the real situation, it was too late for anybody to change the course of history.

Mir Jafar had to pay huge sums of money to Clive and the East India Company after coming to the throne. He also gave the 24 praganas of Bengal to the Company as its zamindari. But whatever he gave, it was not possible for him satisfy the servants of the East India Company. He became tired of payment. His treasury became empty. As merely a Nawab, in name, he had neither power to execercise nor respect to command. Mir Jafar was not the man to defy the English or protest against their domination. He quietly swallowed insults and continued to live as a Nawab.

In 1760, Clive returned home. His fame had spread all over England as the victor of Plassley and the founder of the British. Indian Empire. The grateful British Government honored him with the little of ‘LORD’.

In India, after Clive’s departure, the servants of the Company became uncontrollable. They became mad after money. Collectively and individually they began to acquire wealth whatever way possible. The Company demanded more and more from Mir Jafar. When the latter could not pay, they removed him for the masnad and placed on it his son-in-law, Mir Kasim.