Paragraph on Make hay while the sun shines


One should make use of the opportunities and favorable conditions while they last. Opportunities knock at one’s door rarely. Sometimes, an opportunities lost is lost forever. Therefore, one should be alert and agile to sense the opportunities that come one’s way and grab them. Successful people seize the opportunities that come their way and make the most of them. Lazy and lethargic people, however, miss out on the opportunities that present themselves and cry over spilt milk. Instead of being indolent, lazy or inactive, one should grab the opportunities that come one’s way and go all out to take advantages of them, leaving no stone unturned. For example, a promising Indian cricketer, Vinod Kambli was given several chances to make a come back to the Indian cricket team. With the Indian selectors being favourably inclined towards him, Kambli should have grabbed the opportunity and made the best use of it. Instead, he failed with the bat consistently and lost a good opportunity to make a comeback to the Indian cricket team.

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