Paragraph on Knowledge is power


Facts, skills and understanding that one gains through experience or learning give that person immense control, influence and authority. It is knowledge that has enabled man to conquer nature and invent several devices that made life extremely comfortable. The power of knowledge can be gauged from the importance that the World Trade Organization is attaching to the intellectual property rights or patents as they are popularly known. These patents comprise the knowledge that goes into the manufacture of inventions and the exclusive right that is given to the person who evolved this knowledge or manufacturing process to make that product. With the knowledge gained through research and development, several multinational companies are able to make new products and generate huge profits or money power. Because of their money power these multinational companies are able to influence the policies of some of the small developing countries. A man with knowledge has a distinct advantage over the ignorant person because he can use that knowledge either for his advantage or for the good of the society. Knowledge enables a person to wield immense power and influence over others as a knowledgeable person is not only respected but is also looked upon with awe.

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