Man is gifted with brain by God. As he has brain he can create knowledge. Man is superior to animals due to this knowledge. Civiliza­tion was created through knowledge only. By his knowledge man started growing crops, making houses, making arms to fight animals and en­emies. By his knowledge he invented many things in the field of sci­ence and technology. It enabled man to invent different modes of trav­elling. In the field of medicines man has invented so many medicines to control fatal diseases, which were considered incurable in the old days when epidemics spread and claimed so many lives. But by his knowledge man has changed all this. Development in the field of com­munication, entertainment which were never thought of in the past are gifted by the knowledge of man. But negative aspects of this knowl­edge are also there. Man has started inventing different types of war materials e.g. atom bomb, hydrogen bomb, long ranged missiles etc. by this knowledge. But one should be optimistic that man by his knowl­edge would overcome these defects also.