Here is your short paragraphs on Vocational Education

Education in a layman’s language may be defined as a means of imparting knowledge to help people understand human problems and needs better and build a progressive society.

Every person has a different aim in his life. Some are interested in taking up teaching, engineering or medicine which requires regular studies of a prescribed curriculum lasting over 4 to 5 years period.

But, some of us not having resources or bent of mind for regular studies for such a long period, would like to be self-reliant in life much earlier, and, therefore, prefer taking up courses like textile designing, mechanics, electronics or secretarial practices.


These courses are a means of vocational education which upon completion equip a man both in theoretical and practical training to engage himself gainfully in a particular vocation or profession and helps to become independent.

Keeping in view limited facilities presently available for providing higher education to everyone it will be more appropriate to provide vocational education at a school level, beginning from Class IX or X to help reduce the unnecessary crowding in schools and colleges.

This will also provide more professionals suitable for various technical fields, thus helping to reduce mad rush for white collar jobs and unemployment in India.