Though much can be said in support of joint-family, it is a fact that they are increasingly being replaced with nuclear families comprising wife, husband and one or two children. To some extent this is caused by the migration of children to other cities where the wife joins the husband after marriage. In these cases, nuclear family is the only option as even if one wishes to be a part of a joint-family, it is not possible. But to a large extent, the increasing tendency towards nuclear families is attributed to the married couple’s preference to live away from one’s parents. This more so among the educated couples who being influenced by western ways of living prefer to be on their own rather than live with other members of the family like one’s parents or brothers. In some cases the parents themselves advise their married sons to live separately to avoid misunderstandings with the daughter-in-law and the resultant tensions. Joint-families are on the way out and nuclear families are becoming the in-thing.