Air transport of India is divided into two types. These are Military Aviation and Civil Aviation. Military Aviation takes the responsibility of transportation of military personnel and defence equipment. It is under the complete of Indian Air Force.

The work of Civil Aviation is to transport goods and traffic from one place to another place. As a result of enactments passed by the Parliament, two Corporations – Air India and Indian Airlines were established in 1953.

The first corporation, Indian Airlines connects important cities of our country and the second corporation Air India operates for long distance international flights. Third Corporation, Vayudoot came into existence in the month of January 1981. The main purpose of establishing third corporation Vayudoot is to connect hilly areas of the south-east, commercial and tourist centers and the places which are not connected by Indian Airlines.

Our country has four international airports like Palam of Delhi (Indira Gandhi Airport), Santa Cruz of Mumbai, Dumdum of Kolkata and Meenambakam of Chennai to facilitate civil aviation. Except these, 84 small and medium airports are also found in India.