Adult Education – Short Paragraph


Illiteracy is the main cause of superstitions, ignorance and back­wardness. Such persons can easily be misled by politicians, who are cunning and selfish, for their personal interests. Even after 53 years of independence a majority of our population is illiterate. They always re­main poor and backward because of their inability about benefits of the modern technology. Now the question is what the adult education is ? It is a programme to teach grown up people, who could not take educa­tion at the proper time. They should at least have some knowledge of reading, writing and arithmetic. It also aims that they should be given some knowledge about the society in which they are dwelling. But due to poverty, people’s first preference is to earn bread. They have no time for education. It is humble duty of every citizen of India to spare some time for this noble cause, as only government’s efforts would not be sufficient.

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