Three years back I visited my uncle in the summer vacation. I am a big farmer and lives in a village. In the village there is a big and lovely pond with lotus and lily flowers in it. I learnt how to swim there. My uncle’s only son Nits is of my age and an expert swimmer. He taught me the art of swimming. The pond is shallow near the banks. The first day of the exercise was really very unpleasant, and so I was reluctant to go to the pond the next day. Because on the first day I gulped a lot of water, sank a couple of times, and some water entered my nose as well. However, Nits persuaded me to continue, and soon I began to enjoy swimming. He helped me a lot in it. He also used an inflated rubber tube of a car of my uncle in teaching me how to swim; now, I can swim like a fish, a tortoise and a frog. I am a regular visitor to the swimming pool in Delhi. I have also won some medals and prizes in junior swimming championship on local level.