A man once said, ‘Television is candy for the mind.” He was right. Making an analogy to candy is ideal; if taken in exact less can have a negative affect on the human. At one point or another you watched too much TV. And at one point or another you ate too much candy. Both are a treat if taken in moderation. The problem is , nowadays, too many kids are watching too much TV, and too many people are eating too much fattening items like candy. There are more fat kids waddling around. The problem with the excessive viewing of TV is that it is decreasing the amount of thinking done by people; children especially. This scares me seeing as children are easy targets; vulnerable, impressionable, and naive, they are the ideal targets. Books make people think. Poems make people think. Television, on most occasions, does not. No one wants to think anymore, so they put mindless crap out there to entertain small children. But something needs to be done to make kids think. Anything has got to be better than what is out there now.