My elder brother helped me to learn how to ride a bicycle. One fine summer morning he took me on his cycle to a nearby playground. It was a large, open and level ground, and all deserted. My brother made me sit on the seat of the bicycle and place my feet on the pedals. He held the cycle from behind and ran along slightly pushing it. In the meanwhile, I tried to pedal the cycle slowly. In the beginning! Fumbled, but gradually I was able to manage it. My brother spent about an hour that day in training me in the technique of riding a bicycle. Then he taught and trained me the next day, and the day following. So<pan I had self- confidence and could ride alone on the road. However, I fell a couple of times and got bruised. But it was an exciting experience. I am very much thankful to my elder brother for teaching me how to ride a bicycle. Now, I am an expert cyclist and have my own cycle. I go to school riding it.