175 Words short paragraph for kids on picnic


“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is a common saying. Giving an example of the same we got after our class teacher’s life to take us out for a picnic. Finally, she agreed and got everything organised fast. So, on 28th October, our class went for a fun filled picnic to Kewty Falls, near Mirzapur. We hired a 52 seater bus for the whole class and 4 faulty members to accommodate. The bus journey was very enjoyable with feet tapping and loud music. Games like antakshari were played during the 3-hour journey. Near the falls, we spread the bed- sheets, put our picnic hampers there. We played a lot of games like Hide ‘n’ Seek, Dumb Charades and so on, while the teachers played cards for some time. During lunch time, it was very in­teresting to taste a variety of snacks from numerous Tiffin boxes. We help pedourselves with uncountable cold drinks. We played for some time again. Since we had to reach back before dark, we started our return journey.

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