170 words short paragraph on Gandhian Era


The First World War and its aftermath changed the course of the Indian National Movement and brought Mahatma Gandhi to the forefront. It was under Gandhiji that the national movement became a mass movement. Gandhiji was a moderate to begin with and as such offered his full cooperation to the British government during the war. He was even awarded the Kaiser-i-Hind gold medal for his war services. Like the moderates, he too was willing to work out the Montford Reforms and it was on his insistent plea that the Amritsar congress in 1918 while declaring the 1919 Act as inadequate, unsatisfactory and disappointing agreed to work out the reforms. But during the succeeding months the events passed so swiftly and dramatically that the situation was completely reversed. According to B.R. Nanda Gandhi’s transition from a loyalist to rebel began with Gandhi’s disappointment over the conduct of British government in champaran and Kheda. Gandhi was shocked at the passing of Rowlatt Act followed by Jallianwala Bagh tragedy and the Khilafat wrongs.

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