Last month, I celebrated my fifteenth birthday. My father was away on an important foreign assignment. So I had to arrange it myself single handedly. I invited very intimate friends and close relatives. It made a select and small gathering. I got the cake ready and had ordered for sweets saltiest and cold-drinks. I decorated our large drawing room tastefully, with the help of my friend and domestic servant. ! Had forgotten the candles, but at the eleventh hour my mother reminded me of them and I rushed to the market and bought them. I had arranged for the music and hired a man for it. It proved a very happy and successful occasion and all enjoyed it to their heart’s content. And I got many lovely and precious gifts. My father sent me a splendid golden set of pens from abroad. The success of the party has generated in me much self-confidence. I think now 1 can manage and arrange bigger and larger parties with still better success.