It is always so fascinating to recollect boyhood and early childhood memories. They were really golden days full of fun, frolic and merriment. Even sad ones now do not seem so sad and unpleasant. It looks as if they did not happen to me. I can look upon them as an observer and onlooker. They are so fresh and new in my mind-both happy and sad ones. And I wonder how fast time has slipped away and gone, leaving its footprints in the form of these memories. I remember so vividly my ‘”first day at school, celebration of my birthdays in early childhood, the wedding of my eldest sister, the sad day when my uncle got drowned while crossing a river in flood, and my adventure with a wolf in the cane field in a village. There are many others, no less interesting and fascinating. They all come rushing in and overwhelm me. I find it difficult to arrange them in chronological order.