155 Words Paragraph on preparing for Science Quiz-Contest


Otter school participated in the recently held Inter School. Zonal Science quiz contest and won first prize. I being the head of the three member team was solely responsible for the team’s preparation and readiness for the event. Therefore, we studied and worked hard under the table guidance of our science teacher. Whenever, there was any difficulty or doubt, we consulted him. Me gave us a couple of good science quiz books and guided us how to use them to our best advantage. We also browsed through an encyclopedia, science magazines and other relevant material. We held discussions and trial contests amidst ourselves under the watchful eye of our teacher, and in the presence of a small audience. My elder brother, a college student and a quiz enthusiast himself, also helped us in the preparation in no small measure. Ultimately, our hard labour and enthusiasm paid us handsomely and we won the coveted first prize

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