I was going on my father’s scooter to Connaught Place. When I reached Shankar Road, near Rejoinder Nagar, my scooter suddenly stopped with a slight jerk. I checked the tank, and there was sufficient petrol. I switched on the ignition and pressed the starter button again and again, but the scooter did not start. Then I used the kick. I kicked again and again till I began to perspire, but again the scooter refused to start. I pondered over the matter for a minute or two and then removed the left side cover and checked the spark plug. It had scooted with carbon and needed immediate cleaning. I at once cleaned it with a piece of an iron wire and sandpaper. I fixed the spark plug again in its place, and lo, my scooter started just in one kick. I was overjoyed and reached Connaught Place in time.