How To Become an Airline Pilot In Pakistan


Job Introduction:

A person usually prefers a career as a pilot because he or she enjoys flying. It’s more of an adventure for them rather a career to earn a living. As time passes this hobby allows them to gain excessive amounts of exposure to different countries and people from different cultures. They are able to earn huge sums of money through this lucrative career. However, being an Airline pilot is not as easy as driving a car, it requires a lot of hard work to be put in by the individual.

How to Steps:

There are various steps one needs to follow in order to become an airline pilot in Pakistan. The process is rather a complicated one as you just don’t need to submit a resume to acquire the job. One needs to go through a lengthy process to sit on the pilot seat as it might take up to 10 years of flying experience before actually being eligible to drive an airplane. Although it is a challenging task, if few steps are followed one could fulfill his dream of flying an airplane.

I. Firstly it is necessary that the person who wishes to become a pilot does some background research before pursuing this career. The internet is a vital source of information these days and the passionate Pakistani youngsters, who are aiming to become pilots, need to search through the internet to study the requirements, opportunities, course structure and remuneration in their prospective career.


II. Secondly before thinking about pursuing a career as a pilot one needs to do his F.Sc in Science. If you do your F.Sc in commerce then you would not be eligible to become a pilot.

III. After completing F.Sc, one needs to acquire a Commercial Pilot license. This license is issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan to those individuals who successfully pass the physical tests, theoretical exams and practical pilot exams.

IV. Before a person could give the test for the Commercial Pilot License, he or she has to complete 200 hours of flying which requires around 2.5 years.

V. After acquiring a Commercial Pilot license one needs to complete his training in a training school after which he becomes eligible to drive an airplane.

Course Structure:

The course structure for this career is very extensive. Apart from the practical flying examination, it is necessary to pass the theoretical examinations. The first training course is done to obtain a Student Pilot License. Apart from the Student Pilot license there are two other examinations conducted to attain a Private Pilot license and lastly a Commercial Pilot license. Other courses include Flight Instructors (FITS) and Aircraft Technicians Apprenticeship Program.

Recognition of the Course:

The pilot courses offered in Pakistan are internationally recognized. Pakistan has one of the best flying schools in the world as people from across the borders join Pakistani flight schools to acquire top notch training. Pakistan holds an edge because of its geographical location which allows foreign students to seek admission in Pakistani flight schools. The lack of extreme cold weather conditions is a significant highlight in the success of Pakistani Flight Schools.

Job Opportunities:

There are multiple local and international airlines operating in Pakistan which allows various job opportunities for pilots in the country. The licensed pilots of Pakistan are offered more job offerings in the Pakistan International Airline while other private airlines also have job positions available for them. Due to the recent economic crisis in the country many airlines have suffered huge losses which have also impacted the number of job opportunities available for pilots.


A person is only eligible to pursue a career as a pilot if he has successfully obtained minimum 2nd division in the F.Sc Science Examinations. In order to sit for the Student Pilot License examination one need needs to complete three hours of flying. After obtaining a Student Pilot License further 40 hours of flying experience is required to become eligible for giving the examinations for a Private Pilot License. The final test for the Commercial Pilot license is only taken by people who have completed 200 hours of flying and have obtained the Student Pilot License and Private Pilot License earlier.


It is vital that high risk jobs are paid highly; the job of a pilot is also extremely risky which allows for greater compensation for them. The remuneration largely depends on the experience of the pilots. The more experienced they are, the higher the remuneration. Generally the pilots are paid 100000 rupees per month on an average while much more senior pilots who put in greater number of hours are paid between Rs 300000-400000.

Top 7 Flying Schools in Pakistan

1. Schon Air


2. Lahore Flying Club

3. Hybrid Aviation Flying Club

4. Pakistan Aviators


5. Rawalpindi Flying Club

6. Multan Flying Club

7. Peshawar Flying Club

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