What is the Importance of Morale in an organisation?


Importance of Morale in an organisation

1. Overall satisfaction:

The other name of morale is satisfaction, which relates to needs of the individual, his job, his colleagues, supervisors and so on. So a condition of high moral means overall satisfaction, peace, harmony and stability.


2. Productivity:

Morale increases productivity in two ways – directly through inducing more effort and indirectly, by removing some of the handicaps like employee grievance, absenteeism, turnover and the like.

3. Discipline:

Where morale is high, there is practically no problem of indiscipline.


4. Ease of management:

High morale also reduces the need for supervision. Motivated workers themselves take the initiative to work harder and better.

5. Better company image:

If morale can be maintained at a high level for a long period, it will create a good image in the public mind about the company. While employees themselves may publicize its policies, working conditions and so, on absence of disputers and general atmosphere of harmony produce a favourable impact on suppliers, customers and the neighboring community.

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