8 important Principles of Staffing are given below:

The process of staffing involves a number of principles that explain how and by what means, staffing can be most efficiently accomplished.

1. The principle of job definition:

This principle explains that with clear and precise pre determination of results that managers are excepted to achieve, their positions can be determined.


2. Principle of managerial appraisal:

This principle is concerned with appraisal of managerial performance relating to predetermined results.

3. Principle of management framing:

This principle emphasises the need for providing information and training to managers to grow and move for higher positions.


4. Principle of open competition:

Managers must face competition and grow out of such competition.

5. Principle of continuing Development:

Managerial development and training are continuous process for managers.


6. Staffing is a permanent exercise:

Staffing is an ongoing process. It is a continuing activity and the demand for work force is constantly changing.

7. Staffing is a complex process:

As staffing deals with managerial personnel, their aspirations, and frustrations are to be weighed properly.


8. Staffing involves future managers:

Future managers are to be located and trained. They must be given sufficient training and motivation.