8 important advantages of committees is given below:

Committees have the following advantages:-

1. Pooled knowledge and judgment:

Since the members of committees come from different background they provide new solutions based on their individual experiences. This helps clarifying problems, develop new ideas and find right solutions.


2. Improve coordination:

In majority of the cases, the members of a committee are known to each other. This familiarity makes to ensure greater coordination in the functioning of the committee.

3. Team work:

The committees include team work among the members.


4. Motivation:

Committees help motivating personnel for development through participation in committees deliberations. They feel that they are part of the organization which boosts their movable and motivates them to do better.

5. Communication:

Committees are useful in the dispersal of various informations, which are useful to the organization.


6. Training:

Committees provide good training ground for young people. They are exposed to various deliberations.

7. Dispersion of power:

Committees provide opportunity for all members to contribute their share of opinion. Thus power is not concentrated in a single authority.


8. Better chance of acceptance:

The recommendation of a committee is much more acceptable than an individual’s recommendations. It is also easier for implementation.