4 important Simulation methods of an organisation


4 important Simulation methods of an organisation are:

Under this method some real aspects of an organisation are simulated and presented to the trainee and asked to react to it, as if he was facing the real problem. Some of the common simulation methods are:

a) The case study method:


This method stresses situation analysis or problem analysis. An actual business situation is presented to the trainee in writing and in a comprehensive manner. The trainee is asked to identify the problem, analyse the situation and suggest solutions. These solutions are then compared to the actual solutions that were developed in solving that problem.

b) Role playing:

The role playing techniques induce people to assume the role of a specified individual under particular organisational conditions. Each role player is also expected to react to other role playing participants in the group. It is an excellent technique to strengthen interpersonal skills and expand individual understanding of complex interdependent issues.

c) The gaming approach:


In this method of training an actual business situation is presented as a model in which the team of individuals completes against one another or against an environment in order to achieve a given objective. These business games are intended to teach trainees how to take management decisions in an integrated manner.

Some of the more complex situations are handled with the aid of a computer. The game is made up of some specific rules which govern the operations of the particular organisation or industry and the trainees play the game by assigning values to the variables that affect the decision and then evaluating the decision. These variables maybe what price to charge, how much to spend on advertising, whom to hire, etc.

d) The In-basket method:

In this method, the trainee is asked to assume a particular managerial role and deal with the incoming mail (in-basket) containing a number of pressing matters requiring decisions and resolutions. The in-basket technique recreates the incoming mail situation and the management trainee is expected to give rational and applicable responses. The results are then evaluated.

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