NSDAP or National Socialist German Workers’ Party was organized by Drexler. Later on, Hitler joined it and both Drexler and Hitler changed its name to Nazi Party. In the beginning the Nazi ideals remained vague. But in course of time the ideals became clear; following may be stated to be the ideals of Nazis:

(1) The individual to be subservient to the state and state being subservient to the Paw.

(2) (The dream of a vast German empire and supremacy of the German nation.

(3) Hatred towards the Jews, and opposition democracy and communism. (4) Besides, anti-Semitism and racialism, etc. remained as the ideals of the Nazis.


Not much different from Nazism, Fascism may be defined as the beliefs and political system developed by Mussolini of Italy. The features of Fascism may be described as follows: (1) State-worship, meaning that state is supreme and everything else is subordinate to the state.

(2) Leader-worship which means the leader is the all- powerful man and everybody should abide by him.

(3) War-worship meaning that war was inevitable and peace in politics is seldom to be found.

(4) Anti-communism and opposition to democracy. Fascists were anti-communists because the communists were internationalists, while Fascists glorified the nation.


Nazism and Fascism was more or less the same thing. In both Nazism and Fascism the state was supreme and all other things were subservient to the interests of the state. However, without the German experience Fascism might have been more acceptable to the civilized men.