Victoria, the then Queen of England, announced the assumption of the Indian government by the Crown by a Proclamation. This was formally announced by Lord Canning, the then Governor-General of India at a Durbar held at Allahabad in November, 1858.

The Queen’s Proclamation, after the end of the Company’s rule in India, put forward the future agenda of the British government in England in the administration of India. The importance of the Queen’s Proclamation lies in the commitments Queen Victoria had made to the people of India through it.

She promised, through the Proclamation, to open administrative services to all irrespective of race and creed. The Queen assured the native princes that they would be safe and promised the middle class to widen the opportunities for their advancement.

Despite all the promises it, however, soon became clear to all that they would be honored more in their non- implementation rather than implementation.